In my previous article I wrote about WHY I built a random password generator CLI tool. In this article, I will lay out the details of how we can build a CLI tool from scratch using Python.


Python installed on your system (Python3 preferrably because Python2 is so pre-2020s), a text editor of your choice and some enthusiasm.

Before we start, let us also setup a few other things we will need. Open up a terminal and install:

  1. virtualenv - pip install virtualenv virtualenv is basically an isolated python env where we can test our tools/scripts etc while not installing…

Recently I started using Python more and more in my work because it is such a versatile language. One can do a whole range of stuff with it.
Build a UI ? ✔
Build an API️ ? ✔
Write a script to scrape a website ? ✔
Control the mouse on your PC? ✔

There is almost nothing that you cannot do using Python. It is pretty simple to learn too (almost feels like English — at least the basics) , and the community is great. …

Web Extensions are the new thing in the world of extensions and browser add-ons. Mozilla has officially announced that it will stop supporting add-ons and move completely to web extensions by the start of 2018.

In the days of yore (well, actually not so long ago, but technology changes so fast, so..) if you wanted to develop a browser extension you had to make different ones for each browser - Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer (who even uses it nowadays! even Microsoft has switched to Edge. But we are talking of days of yore..). …

Anish Krishnaswamy

Software Engineer focused on web technologies.

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